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What is Safetronic?

SAFETRONIC is the first system in the world that locks your gearshift completely automatically.

SAFETRONIC locks the gearshift upon ignition key removal. Unlocking is accomplished simply by placing a chip in a particular location in the vehicle’s interior. This location is undetectable in the interior and may be located anywhere, according to the vehicle owner’s wishes.

SAFETRONIC is made for vehicles with either a manual or automatic transmission. In the case of a manual transmission, the gearshift locks in reverse position, in the case of an automatic transmission, in position P (park). It is installable in all types of vehicles. Have a look at a sample video.

SAFETRONIC is easy to use. Unlocking takes only a few seconds, and therefore requires no manipulation by the driver. It also cannot happen that the driver starts his vehicle and then realizes that he must first unlock the gearshift. With Safetronic it all happens automatically.

SAFETRONIC is elegant. There are no visible elements that would mar the vehicle’s interior.

SAFETRONIC has a two year warranty and an insurance discount from 5 to 20%.

SAFETRONIC is approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic (see Product Quality). It is protected by a patent as being a unique vehicle anti-theft security system.

SAFETRONIC was under development for three years, and is manufactured with special electronic and mechanical components that are capable of functioning under extreme climactic conditions, from –40 to 120 oC. Product testing has achieved 100,000 fault-free operations.

SAFETRONIC does not limit or affect the vehicle’s warranty in any way.

SAFETRONIC’s software is sophisticated enough to completely eliminate any possibility of erroneous manipulation or locking of the vehicle, whether in motion, or for example, while stopped at an intersection.

SAFETRONIC is fully compatible with all types of Sherlog tracking systems supplied by Secar Bohemia, a.s. Therefore one chip will command both systems.

SAFETRONIC can be purchased here.


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